Andy Meruvia, Realtor

Pearson Smith Realty

Besides a free year of gym membership, why use me?


  • I get results!  I recently achieved status as #1 Realtor of Pearson Smith Realty for the week of September 30th, 2020 out of close to 800 Realtors!

  • I have over 14 years' worth of Northern Virginia Real Estate experience!

  • My clients love me!  I would be happy to connect you with some referrals.

  • I want to work with you!  Meet with me and see if you would like to work with me also.  


"I'll pay a year's worth of your XSport Gym

membership for each new client who uses me to sell or purchase a home"*

* I will pay a year's worth of your gym membership at closing.  For new clients only who see my Xsport advertisement.  Please mention the advertisement when you contact me by phone or email.